Neto picture

A visit to Neto co-founder of MALUKSTECKHOUSE was really wow. He gave me the bear hug that which you can only get it from the www.smackdown (wrestler…

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Fuelling Small Business Growth: National Small Business

By ·
Jun 6, 2020

The NSBC is Africa's leading SME organisation and the fastest growing organisation of its kind in the world, committed to helping business owners and…

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Ken's visit picture

Having a meeting with Ken all he could say is: Hello, Blessed family, may Divine Protection, Happiness, Love and Prosperity walk hand in hand, side b…

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Mzazi Hot Air Ballooning picture

May the winds welcome you with softness, 
May the sun bless you with it’s warm rays
May you fly so high and so well
That God will join you in laugh…

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Diepsloot printers picture

Printing has and still the core business of what we do as a business. We help defines your past future and present let alone the future as you seek i…

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Blanta picture


By Boyi Skzin

Blanta (black father Xmas)

The only Father Xmas who comes to u in a hot air balloon. He is South African born Black Santa and he is always hot with h…

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Young Master Motion

By Mafia Hlungwani

Munene Hlungwani whose known as young Master Motion. Ian a producer from south of Johannesburg (Lawley)

Genre: Hip Hop, R&B and Trap.

Occupation: …

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Mandeni Vibes with Young See picture

Rising Young See unlashing his talents as a Musician, Dancer and an Actor in the small town of Mandeni (kwazulu natal) his tunes and moves are mainly…

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Club Real Estate picture

Club Real Estate

By Honest Ncube

We make a house a home with lots and lots of fun. 

Here is a place to have fun and to learn about the real estate industry. Its also a great plac…

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Win a Hot air balloon ride picture

To win a hot air balloon ride follow Boyi Skzin’s Facebook account. #proudly South African 

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